Monday, May 3, 2010

The Podiwan Review 2 – Doug Loves Movies

Who doesn’t love Doug Benson (Super High Me, Comedy Central and numerous TV appearances? I mean really. The guy is just a big stoned teddy bear and his podcast is little more than a semi organized excuse to joke around and hang out and play a couple of party games for no prizes over 45 minutes with his invited guests (mostly from the stand up community) and to occasionally talk about movies. Recorded live at UCB Theater in LA or the Irvine Improv, Doug’s SOP is to spend a couple minutes warming up the crowd and introducing the guest(s) and then to have a brief conversation that starts with, “So, you guys seen any movies lately?” Depending upon the answer to that question, the next 20 minutes may or may not be about movies but they will be funny minutes. Then comes the Leonard Maltin game (“Name that Movie”, loosely based on “Name That Tune”) in which @dougbenson gives clues and a reverse order (bottom to top) listing of actors to see who can name the movie. Not surprisingly, most of his guests, who by the way are competing for members in the audience, don’t know shit about movies and the inherent breakdown in this situation is always entertaining. The occasional guest will be surprisingly good at this game (Jerry O’Connell is freaky good at it). Sometimes there is enough show left to try an alternative game like Build a Title. Again, this is just an excuse to talk about movies and make off the cuff jokes. Bottom line is, it’s fun and funny and Doug forgets a lot of shit because he smokes dope all the freaking time and everybody knows it. But he's a jovial host and he knows how to keep a show interesting and entertaining.

Is this podcast entertaining? - Yes
Am I likely to listen to the next podcast? - Yes
Do I recommend this podcast to friends? –Yes
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